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    16Gb FC HBA - QLogic 2670 Series

    The QLogic 2670 Series Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters boast industry-leading native Fibre Channel performance—achieving dual-port, line-rate, 16Gbps Fibre Channel throughput—at extremely low CPU utilization with full hardware offloads. Gen 5 Fibre Channel resolves data center complexities by enabling a storage network infrastructure that supports powerful virtualization features, application-aware services, and simplified management.

    This provides a next generation storage networking infrastructure capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and cloud-enabled environments while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance Gen 5 Fibre Channel and SSD storage. These features help reduced cost and complexity, while the unmatched 16 Gbps performance eliminates potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor, multi-core servers.

    Full Name

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    Technical Specifications

    QLE2670 (single-port)

     Ships with standard height bracket

    QLE2672 (dual-port)

    Ships with standard height bracket

    Host Bus Interface Specifications

    Bus Interface

    PCI Express® 3.0 x4 and 2.0 x8 (x8 physical connector)

    Host Interrupts

    INTx and MSI-X 


    PCI Express Base Specification, Rev. 3.0

    PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, Rev. 3.0

    PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, Rev. 1.2

    Fibre Channel Specifications


    16Gbps line rate per port (maximum)


    Support for 2,048 concurrent logins and 2,048 active exchanges

    Expandable to 16K concurrent logins and 32K active exchanges

    Port Virtualization



    SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP)

    Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) Profile

    SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2)

    Second Generation Fibre Channel Generic Services (FC-GS-2)

    Third Generation Fibre Channel Generic Services (FC-GS-3)

    Physical Specifications


    QLE2670: single-port Gen 5 FC

    QLE2672: dual-port Gen 5 FC 

    Form Factor

    Low profile adapter: (6.6 inches × 2.54 inches)

    Custom form factors also available

    Environment and Equipment Specifications


    Operating: 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)

    Storage: –20°C to 70°C (–4°F to 158°F)


    Relative (noncondensing): 10% to 90%

    Storage: 5% to 95%

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